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Benefits of Kambo

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Kambo is a secretion from one of the largest Hylid frogs known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog. Its scientific name is Phyllomedusa Bicolor which translates to Two Leaf Guardian.


The secretion is not a sweat nor a poison in the sense that it alone is not capable of causing death, or illness. In the Amazon, it is regarded as a medicine however this should not be confused with the Western definition of a medicine. Kambo is not a medicine and those that administer it are practitioners and not doctors.

Kambo contains a rich array of bioactive peptides, such as dermorphin, deltorphin, and phyllomedusin. In total, there are 27 active peptides and families, many of which have gastrointestinal, vascular, and opioid effects. These peptides possess unique properties contributing to Kambo’s extraordinary effects on the body and mind. 


Kambo is known to be especially effective in 3 areas:

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Fighting Disease and Illness

Kambo is a powerful ally in strengthening the immune system, promoting detoxification, and exerting anti-inflammatory effects, restoring our physiology back to homeostasis.